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Scott has always connected well with children - probably because he will always be a child at heart. He believes that youth performers are the future and they have the power to reshape and redefine this ever evolving art form. 


When it comes to casting, Scott always advocates for giving each child a moment in the spotlight, whiling challenging them to grow as a performer.

Scott began professionally teaching theatre in 2018 with the New Conservatory Theatre Center in San Francisco.

Since then he has helped cultivate, foster, and reimagine the narrative for the San Francisco Catholic Salesian Boys' & Girls' Club. Beginning as choreographer for the production of Matilda in 2019, he helped the children learn to embrace movement and find the fun when presented with challenging choreography. Sadly, Matilda never saw an audience, as all work on the production ceased 5 days before opening night, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

This did not stop Scott from keeping theatre alive at Salesian. He quickly whipped up virtual course offerings. The most notable and favored was an Interactive Musical Theatre History course, where students learned about the history and roots of musical theatre (with an emphasis on Black American theatre history) while also embodying the dance styles of each decade from the 1900s. 

Come Fall 2020, Scott was determined to hop on the Zoom theatre bandwagon and along with two other teaching artists, produced a their first virtual production of The Wizard of Oz at Salesian.

Given the success of The Wizard of Oz, they decided to produce another virtual production, this time: The Little Mermaid. Scott pushed and advocated for the casting of a trans 4th-grade student in the role of Ariel. Not only was she the best for the role, Scott emphasized how this opportunity would serve as a positive reinforcement for the young actor as she continued her journey of self discovery. 

Currently, Scott has been wrapping up filming for a virtual production of Frozen with Salesian, soon to be fully 

edited and ready to present in late January 2022.

Stay tuned for more information.

Teaching Artist

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